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Overview of the company:
Evergreen Industries was founded by Jitendra Doshi, and has been in the field of manufacturing reactive dyes since last 20 years.  We started with a monthly modest production of 6 metric tons which around 100 metric tons now.  Our products are exported directly as well as indirectly across 5 major countries. We are specialist for ED Dyes, P series and some of the liquid dyes. We also offer all reactive dyes such as HE, ME, C and H with R.O strength. We have our direct associations with many MNC’s in the reactive dyes field because of the high quality of our product. We manufacture specialized reactive dyes with high HPLC purity and solubility which are usd in making digital printing inks. 

Our main strength is Research and Development wing. We have a well-equipped laboratory and highly skilled personnel, which helps us to develop any product as per the requirements of the customer. Our R.O quality and high concentration products which are developed through long processed to get the best quality.

For us to understand what customer needs rather than what customer wants is important. We help all our customers to find the right quality of products as per the application. We always standby the products we supply, and try to solve any problem they have with the materials supplied because we weigh customer relationships higher than transactions.

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